Business Development

It is important to understand the market potential and return on investments for a given geographical area. The purpose of a Project Assessment Study by a focused school consultancy team is to identify the likelihood of setting up a school in the area. In other words, if you are unsure whether your school project will deliver the outcome you want, then a Project Assessment Study will help gain that clarity. The competitors in the area are analyzed to understand the Fee structure, Salary structure, Manpower availability etc.

Focus Area:
  • Strategic Planning Advise for Growth and Expansion of Business
  • School Setup (Location / Area – Survey and Selection)
  • Partner Scouting, Identification and Selection
  • Negotiations, Documentations & Final Execution of Definitive Agreements
  • Formulating Strategies & Conceptualizing Admission Campaigns
  • Measuring & Mapping the Admission Campaign Effectiveness


Infrastructure Consultancy has a wide variety of roles to play during the construction process. Altus Infrastructure Services gives benefits to the customer / client in terms of satisfaction and it consists of effective and efficient utilization of resources.

Altus is a professional consulting firm with knowledge and experience in a specialized area of assisting organization that makes sure target completion of project. It plays various roles in many aspects for successful completion of the project using its highly skilled, qualified and experienced staff from inception to completion. Our infrastructure project is executed under planning and supervision of consultancy to maintain the required quality and prevent overruns.

Focus Area:
  • Infra Specification as per board (CBSE/State board) requirement
  • Architectural, Civil & Plumbing, Electrical and other detailing
  • Building Plans and Layouts
  • Approvals and NOC's
  • Landscaping and Plantations consultations & implementation
  • Vastu Consultation & Vastu Remedies
  • Special Task - Turnkey Services / BOOT Model (Green School, Solar Plant, Rain water Harvesting, Infra related legal matters etc)
  • Audit and Inspection

Human Resource

Education sector heavily relies and revolves around human resource but less has been done in this sector and is mostly unorganized unlike corporate which is highly organized and professional.

Therefore our deep experience in schooling sector enables us to offers specialized consultancy services in the following broad areas of HR. The entire HR functions can be outsourced to us as Management services encompassing all areas of Human resources in the organization.The other Option can be HR services in specific area which can be task-specific and for short duration.

Focus Area:
  • Process Mapping, Policy and procedure, Documentation – Establishment
  • Organizational Structure Defining
  • Recruitment
  • Process Audits
  • Performance Appraisal methodology
  • Career Planning Advise for Key Employees
  • On the Job for Admin staff / Staff Training
Human Resource

Information Technology

We at Altus C&S, believe that every school has got the right to choose and make use of the best available technology in the best possible way towards the same. We help the school and institutions to get the right technology across the following domains:

Focus Area:
  • Networking & IT Hardware & Software Purchase and Installation and Audit
  • Firewalls, Antivirus, Backup systems
  • Web Site Designing and Maintenance
  • ERP platform & services
  • Establishment & Initialization of VR- AR, Robotics, Language labs etc
  • Virtual tour
  • Online payment systems and gateway
  • Social Media and Whatsapp Branding and Execution
  • SEO, Adwords and SMO Consultancy
  • CCTV Management and Installation

Media & Marketing

We provide customized Media & Marketing Services for our clients as per the requirements.

Focus Area:
  • Press Conference / Coverage / Inauguration etc - Strategy & Consultancy
  • Media and Advocacy - Planning and Strategy
  • Crisis Management – Strategy
  • Strategy formulation & Execution for ATL-BTL-DM
  • Social Media / Digital Media Exposure
  • Institution Branding & Image Building
Media & Marketing
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