About Us

Since last two decades, we have been offering the best educational consultancy services to our clients in crucial areas like Setting up a school to successfully running up.

Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the company is offering End-to-End education consultancy services to Educational Groups to start & operate their school(s) in successful manner. Our team of experts is continuously working towards improving the Educational Services, Meeting client’s requirements in most professional way and saving their very crucial time and resources in the School Education services.

Our team is having more than 100 years of man-hour experience to offer in various specialized fields of school education services- be it Infrastructure, Media-Marketing, HR, IT and so on.

Working closely with our client on each area brings lots of synergy and add value to their own expertise. No two schools are alike so the specific nature of solution is customized for each school. Schools are very complex organizations and providing effective support requires a dynamic approach that adapts and responds to constantly changing needs.

Our experience and expertise allows us to predict both the needs and the changes and to preempt problems before they arise. It also gives us a more balanced perspective so we can offer reassurance and potential solutions to problems that might seem insurmountable to the school.


“To be the preferred choice for all educational institutions who aspire to grow and succeed.”


“To help clients Build, Nurture & Develop high performing teams across domains, to achieve their business objectives by providing sincere and sustained end to end Consultancy & Services.”

Core Values


Assure & Accelerate




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